Food and Water Distribution Sites

New Hanover County had three Points of Distribution Sites (PODS) around the county that offered Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and water to residents of New Hanover County. The PODS were open Tuesday, September 18 through Tuesday, September 25. During these seven days, the PODS providing 5,357 tarps, more than 12,699 cases of water, and more than 12,920 cases of MREs – equaling over 181,000 meals to residents.

Utilization of the PODS decreased significantly as businesses reopened in the area, so distribution of supplies will now be run through community organizations. Find a list of those resources here.

  • Who to call?


    Duke Energy
    (800) 419-6356

    Water/Sewer Emergencies

    (910) 332-6565

    UNCW Emergency Info
    (910) 962-3991
    (888) 657-5751

    CFCC Emergency Info
    (877) 799-2322

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